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Prices for additional characters is an extra 50% of the original price added per extra character


As of right now, there are no examples outside of my art twitter and Toyhou.se that you can easily access, but aren't very recent. Because of this, any people who request a commission type of the ones listed below that needs examples will get a 20% off the price! Just ask me about it

Clean Sketches

If you want a coloured sketch, just add 5€ to the price

  • Headshot: 5€NEED EXAMPLE
  • Halfbody: 10€NEED EXAMPLE
  • Fullbody: 15€NEED EXAMPLE

Lined Works

Cleanly lined work comes with colouring automatically. If you want to add shading, it will be 5€ to 20€ depending on the piece's size and the complexity of the shading you'd like

  • Headshot: 12€
  • Halfbody: 20€
  • Fullbody: 30€

Character Designs

The price for this is higly variable depending on the type of character, the size of the reference sheet and any add-ons

The base price is 45€ for the final reference sheet to contain one headshot, one fullbody, and the colour palette. Below are examples and the prices for some add-ons:

  • Extra Headshot: 12€ (lined and coloured) 5€ (sketched)
  • Extra Halfbody: 20€ (lined and coloured) 10€ (sketched)
  • Extra Fullbody (Flippped to show the other side for feral characters): 15€
  • Extra Fullbody (Flippped to show the other side for anthro characters): 20€
  • Extra Fullbody (Different pose, drawn from scratch): 30€
  • Chibi/Small fullbodies showing off the pelt: 10-15€

If something you would like is not listed here, don't hesitate to ask me about it.

If you buy multiples of the same additions (for example, multiple sketched headshots for an expression sheet), I might lower the overall price per addition

For a character design commission, I will offer you the finished reference sheet, with or without information text at request, as well as other messy sketches and drafts made during the process of designing the character