Welcome !!!


Hi, I see you've stumbled upon my silly website. There's nothing much here, not yet at least, it's more of a hub leading to other websites and a gallery for some of my specific drawings (click on Decca Dhursday. do it. do it. do it now)


(If you want a more in-depth about, and a DNI list, click here!)

  • My name is Rex, but you can call me toktonki or whatever
  • I am 20 years old
  • I am romanian
  • The only languages I can speak are english and romanian, though I know a little bit of german too.
  • Three little guys live in my house: a dog and two cats. I only have a funny image of one of the cats, Shrimpy:
  • I am a lesbian and my pronouns are they/them, but you can use anything I guess. I don't really care about it if I'm being honest
  • I draw! Not a lot. but I do draw. and take commissions
  • Playing video games is fun too. My favourites are Splatoon, Monster Hunter, Bayonetta and Animal Jam, though I'm down for mostly anything

ALSO check these songs out trust me theyre good